Lebanon Borough School Health Office
    Lila Kosciolek RN, CSN - School Nurse

      My Goals as the School Nurse at Lebanon Borough School are:



        · To keep the students safe and healthy.

        · To educate the students about health and wellness and promote responsible decision making skills.

        · To be a resource and advocate for the students, staff and families of Lebanon Borough School.


      Other Nursing Services Include:


    • Health care planning and management of acute and chronic illnesses throughout the school year.
    • The Management of illnesses and injuries as they arise throughout the school day.
    • Basic screenings for – vision, hearing and scoliosis.
    • Monitoring of - heights, weights, immunization status and communicable diseases.
    • Administer and monitor prescribed medications.
    • Promoting parent/community involvement in issues related to health and well-being.
    • Emergency planning.

    To help me achieve these goals, please keep me informed of any changes in your child’s health.  It is also important to keep the office updated with any changes of phone numbers or emergency contacts. 


    Please feel free to contact me anytime.


Last Modified on October 31, 2017